Who We Are

We are a legal non profit entity, formed on the 2nd of December of 1999 in Medellin Antioquia, Colombia. Our foundation is inscribed at the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín and complies with all of the legal requirements in order to operate legally in our country.
Our founder James Higuita Usquiano, dedicates all of his energy and time in offering help to anybody that may be in a need. That makes our foundation one of the most respectable and recognised in our town.

Our Approach

What we do

  • We receive solid recyclable residues either as donations either by collecting them ourselves. This residues then, with the help of our partners are commercialized in order to find resources for our activities.
  • We create an environmental culture, around the Life-friendly management of garbage. We achieve this by making lectures, presentations and events at schools, universities puclic entities etc
  • We help drug addicts to detoxificate with the help of doctors and reintegrate in the society by giving them the basics to start a new life. We provide them a home until they can become independent and a job through our partners.
  • We provide homes to families that live in the streets, mostly immigrants from Venezuela and offering them jobs through our partners network in order to be able the soonest possible live by their own.
  • We help indigenous tribes from the Guajira region:
    -providing machinery and knowledge in order to produce in a more efficient way their products
    -to commercialize their products through our partners companies in order to have better benefits
    -by advising them on how to invest their profits for the common good
    -by canalizing the donations obtained through our partners in things that they need, like building a school, buying water tanks etc.

— Our Mission

Helping everone that is in vulnerable and less privileged conditions to have a second and better chance in life. This we achieve to do it through education, detoxification programs, jobs and numerous other activities.

— Our Vision

To be a leading organization in training and education about the environmental management of solid waste, in offering detoxification and re-education of young drug addicts, in helping mothers to sustain their families and in supporting the indigenous communities of the Guajira region.

— Our Programs

  1. Environmental managment educational programs
  2. Organising recycling voluntary activities
  3. Voluntary work of the young drug addicts in farms so they get in contact with the nature and away of the town’s tempations
  4. Educational programs of the indigenous people in order to be able to obtain scholarships
  5. Educational programs for the indigenous people in order to learn to take better advantage of their local products
  6. Sending young drug addicts to the indigenous communities to offer social work so they are close to the nature
  7. Building facilities for the purposes of our activities

Our Story

  • 2002 due to the vulnerability of homeless people, we created the CRISTO EN EL ASFALTO program, helping human beings suffering from Drug Addiction, resocializing and reintegrating them into society and work.
  • 2004 Vivo Positivo Foundation feels the need to develop assistance programs oriented to women heads of families in a state of abandonment. To the date, more than 5000 women and their family nucleus have benefited.
  • 2015 with the arrival of migrants to our country, we expanded our coverage of social assistance services with training and support in entrepreneurship for this vulnerable population that escaped from the horrorus dictatorship in our sister country of Venezuela.
  • 2018  considering the need that arises from the assistance in the streets of our CHRISTO EN EL ASFALTO program, we felt the clamor of many of the assisted persons who manifested their inability to get out of the scourge of drugs, being on the streets. So the Rehabilitation house “CRISTO EN EL ASFALTO” was born, a rural, agricultural space conditioned with the necessary infrastructure and professional staff, to accompany these human beings in a PROCESS OF REHABILITATION, RESOCIALIZATION AND REINSERTION to social life, turning them into useful, happy and productive beings. Our headquarters have the infrastructure for educational and occupational therapy, through the poultry farm, the cultivation of vegetables and the elaboration of cleaning utensils for the home (brooms, mops) and other crafts.
  • 2021 decided to expand our help and supporting to the indigenous communities of La Guajira region, indigenous children die of hunger and lack of essential health care, with new technologies in the manufacture of their local products, the commercialization of them in a more fair way and with education, health and work programs as well as social works in the region.
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